Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I followed unwillingly across the sands. I wanted to run. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to do lots of these things, yet I was trapped. Trailing after this beast, that no one could call human. I held back the tears that threatened to escape from the corners of my eyes. Making him know I was deeply afraid I did not want to do. I looked around, trying to get used to my surroundings, and think of a way to escape. It was impossible; he was controlling me and I didn't know how. I grasped tightly to logical explanations and sanity, but there were no logical explanations. And I've never claimed to be sane. But the world was falling apart as I stood and watched...
I stopped looking around once I saw there was nothing to see. My feet were no more interesting either. Until I realised we were walking uphill. Glancing up, I saw we were heading towards a cliff. I looked west, and I saw where I had once been sitting. The rocks here were hard, and small stones pressed into my feet. I limped along, unable even to stop to rub the stones off. Threw my blurry vision, the waves looked a sickly grey from up here. There was the slightest vegetation, that pushed back away from us. My legs grew tired, and my mind grew weak. My scheming came to a sudden end. I wondered what he was going to do...
I didn't imagine this would end pleasantly. "First impressions are lasting impressions," they say. And if that's true, then I will always think this is a creepy, theatrical, sadistic man. I couldn't imagine that this man wanted to 'talk' or 'walk.' What I did imagine, however, I wished I never. I covered my eyes, helplessly, trying to block images that ran through my mind. Each image soon being pushed out by another. What would happen to me? Tension was growing, and I was breaking with it.
He lead me to a log. He sat down, and patted the space next to him. I grimaced, but obeyed. My legs ached from hiking up the cliff. I sat on the edge of the log, the furthest away I could be. The log was damp, but firm. I looked over at the sky, now a fade red. It was such a beautiful sky, that did not fit in with this scene. I closed my eyes and let my head drop back, wondering what on earth I had gotten into.
"You are young," Rupun said.
I peeked through my closed eyelids at his face. What was that supposed to mean?
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"You would have so much life ahead of you, a future with so much potential." I shuddered at the word would.
My voice shook as I spoke, betraying the confused shattered pieces inside me, "Wha- What do you want?"
His head rose a little as he laughed again. He continued to laugh for several minutes, leaving me even more confused and disgusted. Eventually, he spoke. With a mouth full of venom, as usual.
"I want a lot of things," he smiled a dangerous smile, "but most of all, I want power." He said power with an obvious and intense sense of desire. A shiver tickled down my spine.
"And how do you plan to get... Power?" I found myself asking. I twiddled my thumbs waiting. He peered at me, then slowly said,
"I kill."
I froze. My body went rigid, while my heart pounded louder than ever. My breathing went jagged. Automatically, I stood up. It was too much, too much... A beat in my ears started paying, in tune with my heart. Images flashed through my mind again. I had my head down, but slyly looked at the distance to the cliff. If I covered my ears, and ran really fast... I could make it. I would make it.
"Do you want to sit back down?" He asked; giving me a choice.
"No," I replied, positive.
"I suggest you do..." When I gave no response, he continued, "I kill for my power. That's what my magic relies on, my source."
His words sunk in, and they shocked me, though I don't know why. "Magic?"
He analysed me again. "Oh, come on... You know magic exists. There's the shine in your eyes," he leaned forward, "You believe."
I bit my bottom lip, as I realised this was true. I did. Magic existed. I could feel it. But what good was it now? Rupun was surely going to murder me. Unless I could escape... Covering my ears would slow me down. But if I sang really, really loud... But first, Rupun needed to be distracted so I could get away.
"So... You're source..." I swallowed, not really wanting to know the answer to the question I was about to ask. "How do you kill?"
He threw a smile in my direction, then looked to the right. "Many different ways... But always you- HEY!"
I ran, singing like there was no tomorrow. Not the best murderer, I thought. I didn't look back. Didn't glimpse behind me. The cliff stooped at my feet.

And without pausing, I leaped into the air.

Monday, 21 February 2011


This is the generator to create random sentences.

See what you come up with     :P

STEP 1) Birth Month

Look at what your birth month says, and that's the sentence starter

January: I ate
February: I smelled
March: I fried
April: I stabbed
May: I adopted
June: I manipulated
July: I hugged
August: I slapped
September: I poked
October: I scared
November: I massaged
December: I hypnotized

STEP 2) Birth Day

Your birth day for this part

1: Cheryl Cole
2: Justin Bieber
3: Colin Firth
4: Miley Cyrus
5: Dolly Parton
6: Mr Bean
7: Sherlock Homes
8: Harry Potter
9: Woody
10: David Cameron
11: Edward Cullen
12: The Queen
13: Lady Gaga
14: Wayne Rooney
15: Nicole Kidman
16: Stephen Fry
17: Prince Charles of Wales
18: Ant & Dec
19: Simon Cowell
20: Anne Hathaway
21: Frank Lampard
22: Victoria Beckham
23: Amy Winehouse
24: David Tennant
25: Damon Salvatore
26: Peter Kay
27: Ben Stiller
28: Homer Simpson
29: Johnny Depp
30: Leonardo DiCaprio
31: Derek Landy

STEP 3) The First Letter From Your First Name

Because I'm Evil

Because I love it

Because I'm Awesome

Because I was Hungry

So what did you get? I have: I adopted Edward Cullen, because I'm evil.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Other Four Poems For Valentines Day

Here's the other five poems for Valentines! Enjoy, but beware of some essence of cheese ;)

Love is like chocolate,
Addictive and tasty.

Love is like an angel,
Beautiful and pure.

Love is like glass,
Fragile and splendid.

Love is like oil,
Craved for and rare.

But chocolate melts,
The angel sins,
The glass breaks,
The oil burns...

Love surprises you,
Not always good,
But for all the bad,
The best is worth it.

The night is wasted,
I cannot see you.
See the face I fell in love with,
Many a time ago.

You hide from me,
Do I frighten you?
Do tell, oh Sweet,
Your voice no longer lingers.

You do not care for me?
Anymore, dear.
But I beg to differ,
Lonely light.

Do you still dream of me?
I bet you do.
You cannot keep secrets,
In this town.

My eyes were burned,
When I saw that look.
But underneath everything,
I see the candor.

Wise words,
Whispered through the trees.
I heard somewhere before,
In a forgotten memory.

Nothing else matters,
When it comes to the truth.
Everything pales,
Becomes distant.

It will shine on you,
The truth.
You love me,
You always have.

And you hate,
That after all this,
You still feel the same,
Every breath, every love.

I see you sleeping,
My darling.
While the moon wishes,
It was in my place,
To watch you.

Your body is next to me,
Under the covers,
Lies a treasure,
That belongs only to me.

Closed eyes,
Open thoughts.
I read your mind,
And see you dream,
Of nothing but me.

Oh darling,
I dream of you too.
Dream we were alone,

It is forbidden,
I am yours,
We belong.

They can hunt us,
Track us.
They will drag us,
But we will never forfeit.

This moment,
Could be all we have.
I shall cherish,
Every minute,
With you.

No matter what happens,
My darling.
Know life,
Know love,
Know me.

I sent you a rose,
To reflect my devotion.

I sent you two doves,
To show my new found peace.

I sent you a ring,
To show my commitment.

I sent you the necklace,
To show my gestures.

I sent you my heart...
Because you're my Valentine.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Look at my heart,
It's only for you.

Have everything I own,
Just so you can see,
How much I love you.

I'll rip everything down,
Strip it all bare,
So you will love me.

Though we have been apart,
I think of you every minute,
And every second in between.

The last one is short, I know. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

5 Love Poems With No Titles

I'm writing a love poem each day until February 14th. Just to improve how I write love poems (which is pretty poor). Anyway, here's the first:

Look into your eyes,
Though they are now closed,
Look into your soul,
Although it is locked away.

Kiss your gentle lips,
Though they're set into a frown,
Cuddle your smooth body,
Though it's curled into a ball.

Stroke your porcelain skin,
Though you turn your head,
Stroke your silky hair,
Though you take it back.

Live on your company,
Though you cut off my supplies,
Die for you each time,
And you bring me back to life.

I love you,
I do.
I cannot describe in words,
However much I try.

So starve me,
My dear,
Cut through my skin,
And let the blood run.

Know my heart beats,
But only for you,
Know I survive,
But only for you.

I have knowledge,
My dear,
That you love me too,
For eternity.

Deny it.
I expect it all.
For I know you too well.

Open your heart,
My dear,
Find my home,
My heaven.

In time,
You will see,
How our future,
Is set.

'Tis written.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The beach sand was a peachy yellow, as it stuck to my feet. The wind whipped my hair in different directions, while the sun broke through the  imprisoning clouds. It made my pale skin glow slightly, before the clouds blocked the sun again. I sat on one of the deserted craggy rocks and took in one salty breath after another. The sea was incredibly blue today, and collided against the cliffs opposite. The memories of past times enveloped me. Of running away from a younger brother, of building sandcastles that crumpled easily, of laughing as I was thrown into the deep ocean waves... Of times when I was carefree, happy, on such a peaceful beach.
   I reached a faint hand to my forehead as a headache suddenly passed over me. It was so fierce and strong, I collapsed to the ground. I moaned, as a shadow passed over my body. It stood there still, as this pain that was too brutal to be called a 'headache' had me writhing in pain.
   I heard the shadow's deep commanding voice, as it said, "Alexandra, stand up."
Before I knew it, my legs were lifting me up, and the pain was fading. I had my eyes on the ground so it said, "Look at me, Alexandra."
   My eyes reluctantly narrowed on his face. He had crinkly skin, especially around his flat grey eyes. His mouth was set in a frown, which made him looked older than he probably was-- which was probably quite young. His greasy blond hair slid back behind his ears, and glinted in the sun as he cocked his head. I grimaced, and attempted to look away-- But couldn't. My eyes were stuck repeating the same patterns of sight. The man sighed, and slowly held his arm out.
   "Alex, my name is Rupin. I want to take a walk with you. What do you say?" A shine lightened his eyes as he spoke, which made me feel slightly sick.
   My parents always told me never to talk to strangers. But even if I ignored such advice, I would never 'take a walk' with this man.
I opened my mouth as if I was going to reasonably answer, but then opened it even wider and let out a deafening screech. He covered his ears, which I took to advantage and sprinted away. I leaped over some stray rocks before I heard his demanding voice again, "STOP!"
   Again, I couldn't disobey. I gave a little grunt of frustration as my legs slowed to a stop. His cold hands curled around my arm and pulled me back.
   I felt his breath on my neck when he whispered, "Now, now, Alexandra. Calm down. There's nothing to be afraid of," He said this before a bellowing laugh escaped from his lips. I cringed away from him, and my plan evaporated again as he said, "And don't scream."
   I shuddered, as he dragged me across the stretch of the beach, away from any sign of civilisation.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Surprise! Kallista Pendragon

Surprise, Kallista! I drew you!

This is why I asked you those questions about your clothes. :)

The computer and scanner show all the brush marks from colouring in, but I think this is OK, for one of my first attempts at manga. I also ran out of space for your feet, so they're cut off. Whoops.
I just felt like drawing you, hope you don't mind!