Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Beginning

Yuck, I need a shower.
A Rempire just walked into my room, as I was writing this. Naturally, it wanted to kill me. Great. So naturally, we had a fight. Rempire's are kinda stupid, though. So I, naturally, won. It didn't even bother to bring a Bleter. It's now just lying in my room. Technically, it surrendered before I could kill it. Rempire's surrender, by exploding. I now, have Rempire blood in my hair. IN MY HAIR. I also, have Rempire brains splattered on my wall. My mum will kill me.

Uh, oh.

Mum, she'll be furious. I've gotta clean this up. Bye, Mum will be back soon.

At the end of the blogs, a dictionary will be provided, to view words like, "Rempire" and "Bleter."