Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hey guys :)

I know no one will read this. Wanna know why? Because I don't really post anything any more. So nobody checks up on poor, lonely, loony Lunar. But I wanted to make this post anyway. Just to update my blog.

I wanted to start by informing you on one of the weirdest questions anyone has asked me. At least, I think it is. Actually, I probably have been asked stranger, but I forgot the questions. Or, you know, actually blocked them from my conscious thoughts as they were so strange. The question? I hear you cry from the dull screens of your laptops and computers, where you procrastinate your life away.
Do you moisturise your arms?

Seriously? Do I look (or sound, rather) like I moisturise my arms? Does anybody moisturise their arms? I was asked this peculiar question as I was being towed to the hoops for netball.
"Your arms are so soft. Do you moisturise them?" I was asked by my friend. My arms.
And the answer to the question?

My school sends letters home to your parents if you're extra good. At the start of the year, you'll get quite a lot. Towards the end of the year, at least in my class, it's pretty rare.
"Emma," my real name for anybody who doesn't know, "you got a letter from Mrs Doyle. Who's she?"
"PE teacher."

"PE? ...Are you joking?"
Supportive, much? OK, PE is not my best subject. Which only makes it more ironic that I go to a Specialist Sports College. However, 83.33% (Maths is one of my better subjects) of my classmates are bloodthirsty wolves. They prey on marshmallows like me. And I'm helpful. So yes, I got a praise home.

Sticking to a school theme, I have possibly two exams on the 9th of November. I haven't checked my timetable yet, but this means I miss either two hours of triple PE and both music lessons, or vice versa. If I miss both of my music lessons, then I'll miss the woman coming in to teach my music class how to use the software for the computer. Apparently she looks like River Song, so I do hope I meet her. One of the exams is Maths. It's a resit, but I got an A* on the original, but if I do better I can 'pull my second grade to an A* as well'. I hope I meet River Song though.
I don't have three hands to play my composition.

It's coming up to my one year anniversary on blogger. If you look on my profile page, it'll say October 2010. Technically this is correct. However it was 11 p.m. on October 31st, I made a short post, was kicked of the Internet and returned the next day to post a comment on Derek's blog, which was the only reason I originally made this account. Am I supposed to thank everyone for all their support and hospitality and kindness they showed in welcoming me to blogger at this point? I'm not really the type. But... um... thanks, everyone.

Picture time!

I went to the cinema today. I wanted to go see the Lion King in 3D, but SOMEONE (yes, that's YOU, mother) wanted to see The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Like I said before, I'm a marshmallow. I'm going to be honest and say I thought there would be an actual unicorn in the animation. There isn't. Once I realised this, and got over the initial disappointment, it was a very good film. Simon Pegg voiced the Thompson twins, who I thought were very funny.

I just checked the rule for whom and who.

I'll let you go back to your lives now.