Monday, 13 June 2011

In this blog post, is a fairy. And it's pretty damn awesome.

Hello fellow bloggers! In this post I shall post pictures I have long wanted to show you.

Most of the pictures I planned to show you went dodgy with the scanning part, so I had to have replacements.

This is the most recent thing I've drawn, not coloured in yet.

I quite like this one. Just a manga girl I was fond of.

And now you have to guess who this is! In my defence, the nose does not look this bad in person. However, her eyes do look as creepy. But I still think I got her gormless expression just right.

Goofy teeth and big nose! XD
And now a random Emily the Strange picture:
Tilt your head, sorry.
This manga drawing was in colour, and I did really like it, but my scanner doesn't recognise the colour, so it is just in black and white. :(
And the head is chopped off
And now for the fairy! This is probably my favourite birthday card ever. My friend drew this. Her taken name is Magenta, so I'll call her that. She knows how amazing she is at art, but she's too modest to admit it! Which is very frustrating for me. The picture is supposed to be what I would look like if I were a fairy:

On the computer, it doesn't really show how amazing it is, but there it is. It is pretty accurate, only I'm not as pretty. Any comments I could pass on to her would be appreciated.

And now I've had a breakthrough in history homework, so you might not see much of me...