Sunday, 19 December 2010


So, I've found my pictures.

I don't have a scanner, but I can still show you...

Here's Tanith and Skulduggery:

I'm currently drawing Valkyrie, but I find her hard to draw...


Friday, 17 December 2010


Sorry, but I can't find my drawings

I have no idea where my picture of SP is

And my Emily the Strange drawing is in my art folder, which I won't be able to get for 3 weeks

Sorry :(

Monday, 6 December 2010

My Drawings

I'm debating with myself whether to post my drawings

I have drawn Emily the Strange (which I know people don't really know), and Skulduggery Pleasant.

FOR: It would be good to see if people thought I could draw, and I'd like to share them with some people

AGAINST: I don't want to be put to shame by Darkane, and I might have trouble uploading them.

So what do you think?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Feeling Like A Banana


Soft, mushy, bruised and yellow!

My heart is soft!

My brain is mushy!

My ego is bruised!

And my skin is yellow!

Stupid bananas...

Who do they think they are?

Stone Goddess

Because Kallista requested it, I've posted the poem I wrote on my blog :) I want to thank Octaboona again, for inspiring me to write again

Stone Goddess

She stands there alone
As the sun sets
The light fading
The darkness awakening

She stands there alone
As the waves roar
The blue crashing
The cliffs thrashing

She stands there alone
As the tears flow
The liquid rolling
The diamonds uncontrolling

She stands there alone
As the whispers return
Calling her back
Calling her spirit

She stands there alone
As she ignores the pleas
The mist begging
The cold forgetting

She stands there alone
As the claws come down
Clawing her heart
Clawing her soul

She stands there alone
As she looks at herself
Her broken image
Her broken life

And the mirror cracks
And the beasts play
And they roll in
And they simply say:

"You are our Queen,
Our Goddess, our Light
You ignore us now when we need you
You have done no wrong

Your sadness haunts us
You relish in our pain
We need you now
We need you again!"

Anger flashes
Hot and alive
She moves her frozen hand
She opens her mouth to speak:

"Leave me now!
You disappoint me
You disappear
You forget me

I have done no wrong
I have stood here as stone
Leave me be
Or I will be no more!"

She stands there alone
Now, mere stone
The shadows fade
The darkness falls.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Vale of Tears by Octaboona Ambrosius

Vale of Tears

Earth rises over the horizon as I float
Like gold dust floating on the breeze
Hovering over the lunar landscape.
I merge with the ether, tendrils of mist spiralling
Towards the rounded ocean in the sky. 

I weep throughout the night
Staring at the never changing sky
Black as pitch I feel the madness
That always follows Earthrise.

I long for a friend
As I hover round my vale of tears
A single soul, separated from paradise
And lost amidst the tranquil moon.

The dull grey craters
Punctuate my limbo
An Elemental spirit
Being leached into the dreary sky

A dark despondent dawn
Rises amongst the barren wastes
At the edge of humanity
And the final frontier.

A quiver of blue
Searches for a friend
As the tears cascade like liquid diamond
In the perpetual flow 
Of captivity.

This is the poem Octaboona Ambrosius wrote for me 
I'm very happy he did this and said I could put this on here
Thank you Octa!!! :)