Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I walked to school with my head down. I kept my eyes to the ground, and generally avoided people. My eyes were so focused on my feet, and my mind so lost in outrageous thoughts, that I hadn't realised someone was having a conversation with me until they tapped me on the shoulder.
"Hello? Is anyone in there? Did you even hear about the Dylan-Lisa situation..."
Oh, it was only a Blabber. No one I actually wanted to listen to. But then, I didn't want to listen to anyone. I started walking faster, hoping the Blabber would take a hint and blab to some other moronic girl who possibly cared. I was not in the mood. But again, I was never in the mood for those conversations. Oh, maybe that's why no one likes me...
But those young, normal, teenage thoughts no longer haunted my mind. I was preoccupied by last night's dream. It was insane to think that people could invade your dreams... But something told me you could... And then, what was that about magic? Could it be possible I really had magic? Or that magic even exists? Tom would be at school today. However, he would probably be the same lifeless, dull person he always was at school... Not like in the dream... Why did everything have to be so complicated? My eyes noticed the pattern of the school entrance, which meant I was nearly there. I cautiously glanced up, to see if I was about to bump into a lamppost or sign, saying something obvious like 'Do Not Smoke Here.'
       A teacher crept up on me and sang in their annoying whiny voices, 
"Where are you going?"
I looked around. Lots of people were walking in the same direction, so I wasn't late or going the wrong way. I hated it when they said that. I was tempted to say, "Where do you think I'm going?" but decided against it. Instead, I settled for, 
"To school."
The teacher's eyes narrowed like I'd offended her and her wrinkly lips pursed. Her high voice got colder and her flat black eyes scrutinized my face as she said, "You can't go that way."
I looked around in confusion at the other one-hundred people walking in that direction. "I don't understand."
She pointed to my stripy yellow and green tie, and then at red and green ties of the other people. "Year 7's this way. You need to go that way." She turned to point at some dust covered gates at the other side of the school.
"But that's going to take too long to walk!" I said. Which wasn't necessarily true, but I was too tired.
        "Tough," The old crone snarled.
This time, I didn't resist the glare. I just glared. She glared back. Eventually, she looked away, at her watch. "You'd better hurry," she taunted, "Wouldn't want to be late."
I turned my back on her and continued in the direction I was going in before the old crone interrupted.
"Hey! You can't go that way!" She called at me. There was a distinct clip-clop of high heels, and her bony fingers were on my arm. "Go that way! Now!" I was about to deny her again, when another voice came from behind me.
"What's happening, Miss?" A student. Probably Year 7 by the attitude and 'location'.
"Nothing, Tom, keep walking," the teacher snapped. I froze for a second, thinking Tom...?
I glanced behind me, and there he was. Tom. With dark circles under my eyes similar to my own. Releasing my arms from her grip, I began to run to where she'd pointed before. I felt stupid for running from the Year 7, not the teacher, but there was something deeply unsettling about him. 
And it wasn't that his eyes stayed on me as I sprinted all the way around school.

My mind had been lost in thought all morning. I couldn't-- and didn't try to-- pay any attention to the teachers. I was clumsy all the time; tripping myself and other people over, knocking into walls, eating wrappers... Not a normal day. Not that I have normal days, though. It was lunchtime, and the regular slime was being served. So I got out my trusty lunch-box from my bag, and sat down at a table. I started thinking what I'd been thinking about all morning, which was just one topic and I never came to any conclusion. Magic.
"Can I sit here?" A voice asked. It seemed familiar to me, but I just cleared my things and said,
I felt his eyes on me as I ate. He never ate anything himself, just seemed to be watching me. This made me self-conscious. I slowly looked up to the boy, then my breath caught in my throat and came out as a heavy sigh.
"Hello," I said coldly.
"Hi!" He said, oblivious to my mood. I looked back out of the windows, whilst picking up my things for I was finished. I spotted Jason ahead, and began to walk towards him, when Tom said, "Alex, I need to talk to you." I paused, his voice took a mature, serious edge. I wanted to sit down and see what he knew, however it reminded me of the way he looked in last night's dream. I shuddered. Hesitantly, I began walking towards Jason again.
"Alex!" Tom called after me.
"Jason!" I shouted instead of turning back to him. Before I was completely out of earshot, I heard him mutter something like, "Can't talk to teenagers these days," but I couldn't be sure.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Dragona's face was illuminated by a fire that spread across his palm. His smile was menacing, and his eyes were taunting. He waved his hand, and the fire went out. A torch was held by someone at his side. It was one of those medieval torches you saw in fairy tales, with thatch that burned bright. It was Thor. His expression was exactly the same as Dragona's, only he gave a more daring impression than Dragona. At Thor's side, was Kallista. Kallista's eyes were bright, and alive.
Dragona clicked his fingers, and a flame burst into life on his palm again. He leaned close to me and whispered softly, "Are you afraid, Alex?"
"How- How do you know my name?" I stuttered.
"Are you afraid, Alex?" He just whispered again.
A filthy hand came out from the darkness behind me, grabbing my arm in a tight grip. I squirmed, but the hold only got tighter. I looked up to see the thing holding me, only to find it was a boy from my school. He'd moved from Ireland, and I kept away from him. His black eyes glazed over me, then pushed me to the floor. For someone who was so small, he was surprisingly strong. I tumbled to the ground, and curled up on myself. Tom, the boy's name, snarled at me. He raised his hand, but Kallista was suddenly in his way. They glared and snarled at each other for a while, before Thor coughed, drawing all attention to him.
"Alex, we need to talk to you," he declared.
"How do you know my name?" I demanded, first.
Thor shrugged, "Your parents told us."
I narrowed my eyes. "They're in Australia for three weeks."
"They told us a while ago."
"Then how have I never heard of you?"
"Does it matter?" Dragona interrupted.
"Yes," I clarified.
"You have magic," Kallista blurted.
"Straight to the point," Dragona murmured.
Despite myself, I laughed.
"What are you laughing at?" Dragona asked.
"Well, you're so funny. Saying I have magic and all." I waved a hand, which seemed more dainty than usual.
"But... We're not joking," Kallista said.
"Right," I said, sarcastically, "And next you'll be telling me that vampires and zombies exist."
"Well..." Thor started.
"I HATE zombies!" Kallista finished.
"You have got to be kidding me," I said to myself.
"Actually, we are. We investigated your life, practically stalked you, came inside your dreams, endangered the whole magical community, just to have this huge practical joke to amuse our sad little lives," Thor said, matter-of-factly.
I stared at him. "What was that about a dream?" I enquired.
"Oh, nothing. I never said anything about a dream. We're just your usual random people," Thor replied.
Tom continued to stare at me, his lip curled back revealing his teeth.
"I'm sensing he doesn't like me," I said waving to Tom.
"No, he absolutely hates you. You disgust him," Thor said.
"Ignore him. He's just a little tired," Kallista explained.
"He's always tired," Dragona mumbled.
"Does he always look like that when he's tired?" I asked, staring at Tom.
"No..." Kallista murmured.
"Well, I don't mean to be rude, because it's nice that you popped in, but I really need some sleep, so if you could just leave..."
"Well, Alex, we can't just leave. What you know, it could be dangerous. It could change your life forever. But I must ask you; are you ready?"
A shiver ran down my spine, and my hands tingled. I opened my mouth to speak, but my breath caught in my throat.
A beeping sound suddely surrounded me. It echoed off every wall, filled my ears.
"Thrice..." Dragona hissed.
The ground shook, and I fell to the ground. My vision was spinning, going black, white, black, white.
"She's waking up!" Kallista and Tom said at the same time. Suddenly, I was plunged into darkness.
A few minutes later, the beeping stopped, and I opened my eyes to find myself in my room. I was drenched in my own sweat, as well as feeling exhausted. I rubbed my eyes, and yawned. I lifted my head for ten seconds, then dropped it back on the pillow. I half groaned, half yawned, and I slowly drifted back into a watery, comfortable sl-
I sighed, and called back to my Mum in my sleepy and grumpy tone, "Okay!"
I pulled my school uniform on, and trudged downstairs. I trailed my feet on the floor, my eyes intent on the ground. I kicked my foot off a dining chair as I entered the room where my frantic Mum was serving breakfast. I shouted out in pain, and hopped into my seat. I frowned, as I sat between my brother and sister, both delaying eating the sloppy porridge inside their bowls. I frowned, and began eating.
When I had finished the cardboard, I ran back upstairs to brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror to find black marks around dull green eyes. After I'd finished in the bathroom, I picked up my schoolbag. I didn't care if my homework was left behind on the table. I didn't care if anything was left behind in the madhouse. Let's face it: Today was going to be an awful day no matter what I did.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Your Place

I know this is a really bad poem. I just started writing this, and it didn't really take long. It doesn't make much sense either, but sometimes poems don't make sense. It's not imaginative, and has a small range of vocabulary. But here it is:

When all hope is gone,
Where do you go?
How do you find the will,
To return to your life?

Do you start a new?
Do you mellow in self-pity?
Or will you be strong?
Will you hold your head up high and walk through life?

But remember; All your hope has gone.
Lying in the street,
Holding the blanket over your body,
To cover yourself from the biting cold.

So stay there.
Your breaking heart,
Will soon be mended.

Just stay there,
And you will find,
Your place.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

One-Off Short Chapter

I was encouraged to post this. But be warned! This is very short and has a lot of second person in it. Also, for those of you who dislike gaps, this has gaps. Because that's how I do it when I'm writing by hand. So there. Overall, this is a short little chapter I felt like writing. G'day.

Lunar's eyes were a fiery blaze. The burning scarlet glared at everything in its path. When the demons narrowed on your fragile little figure, you knew you were doomed. As your bony little legs began to run, you knew there would be no gain. When you felt the sweet breath of her on your neck, you knew it would be the last thing you ever felt-- Well, apart from the piercing pain.

So, as her snake hair coiled around your neck, searching for the cure to the thirst, you began to pant and your heart sped up. And oh boy, did that shorten your time.

And has her pointy teeth pierced the skin of your neck and bit into your vein, you just went limp, didn't you? Given up? Because she sure hopes not. Whilst she drains your body of the deep red liquid you so desperately need, she secretly hopes you fight back. Wishes for the last kick of human instinct that says, "I shall not die today!"

But you disappoint her. Of course, you gave her your blood. But you just ran and gave up. So disheartening to see. She expected more of you.

So as she drops your limp body to the ground, she listens for her next prey. A young couple-- Arguing by the sound of it. Excellent. Youth.

So as she hunts her prey, and as you slip away, you make one wish. Just one. You hope to God that they catch her.

Tell me what you think.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Thor? Kallista?" He spoke again, his voice booming. Then, as if suddenly realising I was there, he added, "Who's that?"
His voice was too loud... Everything was too loud... The wind, the people, the memories... I just needed to get out... I needed for everything to be quiet, so I could figure out what was going on...
"Sssshhhhh!" I said to him, scrambling to my feet off the pavement.
Thor chuckled again. "She does say that a lot."
"Only twice," Kallista defended me.
"And who is she?" The man asked. So... He must be Dragona, then. The one they didn't want to see them here...
"We don't exactly know..." Kallista slowly said.
"Then what... Oh, no," Dragona's face turned into one of regret. "You did it again, didn't you?" He addressed Thor.
"No," Thor lied.
"Then that means yes, doesn't it?"
"Not really."
Was this an argument? Maybe I could take this as a diversion while I snuck away...
I slowly took a step back, careful where my feet were put. I tip-toed away slowly, inching backwards as they started arguing in a language I didn't understand...
"Hey!" Dragona shouted, as he noticed me creeping away.
I froze for a second, but then my instincts made me start to sprint. I ran through the hedges that separated this street from the back street that led to the farm. I sprinted down the street, listening intently for the clatter of heels that made me know they were following me. However, it never came. Maybe it didn't matter to them that I'd witnessed them set fire to the street... But... They didn't set fire to the street... Thor... He sent a lightning bolt at the car... But, that's impossible...
Through my thoughts, I'd slowed down. I was barely jogging now. I realised this, just as a tap on my shoulder made me wheel around. All three were there, but none had made a sound. Dragona was the one who had tapped me, his long arm now pulling back. It paused on the way back to his side. It started coming towards me again, directing itself to behind my ear. Two fingers were outstretched, and he was starting to press them against my flesh. I flinched from his touch.
I just want to go home. It's only two streets away. I just want to go home. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. I closed my eyes. A wave of dizziness hit me. I felt sick, and a rush of wind carried away any sound. There was a popping sound, and I opened my eyes, as my knees gave in and I tumbled to the ground. I was home. But how? I was in the bathroom, in front of the toilet and sink. The cream tiles and soapy smell where somehow comforting to me.
I kneeled over the toilet. Questions later. I was about to be sick.

OK, I think this is a short chapter, but Chapter 4 will be up soon.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Are you okay?" I heard a girl ask.
     "Of course she's OK. I only did medium-power," another voice said. Too many voices. I just needed quiet...
     "Well, she's only a mortal."
     A groan escaped my mouth. My eyes rolled inside my eye sockets. A pounding on my head took away all my focus. "I think she hit her head when she fainted." Fainted? Hit my head...? Were they even talking about me? "Can you hear me?" She asked. So many questions...
     "Since when did you become a doctor?" The other voice whispered.
"Sshhhh," I hushed them, lazily. I groaned again, and slowly opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, and I could just make out the shapes of two people, one crouching over me, the other standing. Eventually, the blurriness cleared. And the sight of them again had me shuddering.
      "Are you OK?" The girl, the one closest to me, asked again. All I could think about was the sword inside her coat...
      "I told you she was alright," he said to the girl. "I'm Thor, by the way." He turned to me.
      "I have a mouth," I mumbled through my confusion. Thor's eyes rolled up and down, as if he was... Appraising me.
      Then, he chuckled. "I like 'em with attitude."
"You like 'em any way," the girl spoke.
     "True," he said, laying a hand on her arm. 
She shook him off. "My name's Kallista. I'm sorry about that," Kallista said, nodding to the road, "some of us don't know when to stop," she glared up at Thor.
     Hesitantly, I looked over at the road. The car had gone. I thought I could make out the heap of melted metal in a corner. But the street was destroyed. That could have been any one's car. The flames must have swallowed up the street, and spat it back out. The middle of the road were just... Burned. I couldn't think of any other way to describe it. The light grey tarmac was now a charcoal black. Where I had once been standing had crumpled to a pile of brick. And it came upon me that they'd moved me to the other side of the road.
     Thor chuckled, "I told you-"
"I know," Kallista said sharply, glancing at me. They seemed so... Calm. Like this was an everyday thing.
"We may need to contact Scrutinous," Kallista said.
      "Relax, Kallista," Thor replied, finally seeming a tad concerned and on edge. "Nothing happened."
     And destroying the street is nothing?" I asked. What were these people going to do? I was still so dizzy...
     "See?" Kallista loud-whispered.
"What do you think happened?" Thor stared at me intensely, waiting for my answer.
     "You... You... The car..." I struggled for the words.
"She doesn't know anything," Thor murmured. Then, in a louder voice he declared, "Well, Kallista and I must be going. It was nice meeting you..." He waited for me to give him my name. I didn't. "... Miss," he finished, "but duty calls."
     "And best to leave before Dragona finds this," Kallista added. She jumped up, and dusted her jeans. Were they just... leaving so abruptly?
     "Agreed," Thor said.
Thor linked arms with Kallista, turned around, and-
      There was another man there. He looked about twenty, and must have been 6ft 4. His hair only added to his height, with it spiking off in all directions. My neck hurt from staring up at him.
"What's happening here?" He spoke in a clear, deep voice.
      "Dang it, Dragona," Thor said under his breath.

So, which format do you like more? Gaps or no gaps?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sun was setting behind the damaged houses. The sky was red, with streaks of orange, highlighting the now, deep purple clouds. It was pretty-- to look at the sky a different colour to grey. I walked on the cracked pavement, watching where I stepped in case I fell, again. A cold breeze cut against my skin, making me look up and gasp in shock. Across the street were two figures, walking side by side. I squinted in their direction, but the scattered leaves blew in my face. I sighed in frustration, and hopped into one of the brick bus stops perched on the street. The bus stop was deserted. In fact, the whole street was deserted. I looked over at the two people on the other side of the street again, casually leaning on one wall.

One was tall, a man from his physique. He had dark hair, and stood still in the wind. There was something striking about him, and I realised it was because he was so attractive. His wind-whipped hair set his electric-blue eyes. His stillness was unsettling and alluring at the same time. But something spelled out over all of that. One word came across my mind when I looked at him; DANGEROUS. You could see it in the way he held himself; back straight, arms in pockets, head forward. I stared at him for a while, fascinated by his peculiar appearance. Then a movement on his right caught my eye.

It was a girl. She looked three years older than me, with the same jet-black hair. Her blue-green eyes were focused on what she was doing with her hands. They were making swift movements, whilst suddenly her hair flew backwards, along with her coat. It was then I noticed the samurai sword tucked in the coat. At first glance, you wouldn't notice... But the gleam from it was so clear now.

I hugged my arms around my torso, feeling truly afraid. Who were these people? Why do I feel so alone? A speeding car suddenly came zooming down the road. It was too fast to see what kind of car it was, but suddenly, a mass of black lightning struck it. There was something strange about the lightning... It was black. And it didn't come from the sky, it came from... Him. But... How was that possible? The man tucked something on a loop on his leather jacket, too quick for me to see what.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the flames. The orange and yellow flickered up to the sky. The smoke was a thick tendril choking me. A flash of a memory came over me, but the next second it was gone. I coughed and stumbled backwards, clumsy as I dropped to the floor. Over the ringing in my ears, I heard two voices arguing.

"Inconspicuous, Thor," I heard one say.

"What did you expect me to do?" The other replied.

I didn't hear any more, as I passed out from the smoke.

Criticism much appreciated

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fletcher Renn

I've got my scanner to work!

So I'm just going to post this picture if Fletcher Renn.

And I know he has a really dodgy eye with bad shading...

Does anyone have tips on how to shade?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Prologue

Here's the prologue for my fanfic. Totally unprepared, totally unplanned, and this part was totally inspired by a book I didn't actually like. Fingers crossed.


I was the type of girl that had everything she needed. I was the type of girl that had everything she wanted, too, with some minor exceptions. Having this, I was the type of girl who got called 'lucky' but never really 'spoilt.' No matter what the truth was. However, I was the type of girl that never really fit in.

And when you're from a small village, where everybody knows everybody, where there's no secrets, nowhere to hide, this is not a good thing. My big dreams didn't fit in that small town.

So when you're confused. When you don't know what to do. When you need vital answers.  When you're walking past that church in the cold, winter, night, there's only one place to turn to. Yes. The World Wide Web. And yes, Jason, thank you for that line.

But wherever I turned, I couldn't find my answers.And when you can't get over it, you can't get around it, don't they say 'get under it'? And when you go under, don't you go down?

That's why I jumped.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Most Annoying People of 2010

OK, after a message from an old friend, I researched some Most Annoying People of 2010 lists. Some, I disagreed with. Some, I didn't know who half the people were. And some, had characters from books. So, I decided I needed to do a tribute to 2010. As a result, my list of Top Ten Most Annoying People of 2010 follows.

1. Justin Bieber.
Hello? He's a fifteen year old with a squeaky voice and big head. And when you have a big head, bad hair follows. Sorry, Justin, but you sing about the world as if you know everything about it. And you don't.

2. Taylor Launtner.
I don't really know how to spell his name. And I'm the only girl in a 10 mile radius that doesn't. I'm sick of hearing his name, and seeing his face -- and his six pack. These, you get in lots of celebrities, however, in Twilight movies, how many times does one need to take his top off?

3. Cheryl Cole.
Now, 2010 brought Cheryl a divorce. And I do sympathise. But it's not like she didn't have another man waiting. And remember on X-Factor when she said she hadn't heard Rocketman by Elton John before? She's a music "idol," yet she needs to research other songs than her own.

4. Tiger Woods.
Well, you know, the stuff with his wife. I had to watch back-to-back reports on his social life.

5. Wagner.
What can I say? I had to hear you sing. Torture.

6. Jedward.
I know they're two people, but how can I tell one from the other? Annoying Nintendo adverts. Don't mess with Jedward!

7. Sandra Bullock.
I'm sorry, Sandra. You are an amazing actress. But I can't stand to see amazing actresses in really bad films. And I just watched two in the last month of 2010. They get you number seven on the list.

8. Rihanna.
I used to like Rihanna. But recently, I don't. After Rude Boy and that song with Eminem, turn the radio off when you come on.

9. Lenny Henry.
Bad jokes.

10. Davina McCall.
How many shows can one person present at one time?

Comment on your opinions.

My Most Annoying People of 2010!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Annoying Font Colours

As you may notice, I've ditched the annoying light blue that was barely visible and gave me a headache.

Not much change, though.

Just to a dark blue.


And this the first post of 2011!