Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pretty Flower...

So... I was reading a book. As usual. But one of the characters was obsessed with finding a pure black rose. So I googled it. As usual. And I found a black and white photograph of a rose. It was so pretty... I had to draw it. The petals are out of proportion, but I figured I might as well share it. Although its quite hard to see. So here it is:

Tilt your head right for it to be the right way... (I don't know how to put it the right!)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Practice Chapter

This is just a practice for my fan fic. I was going to include some of you in this, but I only planned on mentioning a bad-guy. Tips much appreciated, thanks. :)

"Had a nice meal?"
   I whirled round, surprised by the familiar voice in my mother's house. I put down the plates that held the leftovers of our lunch on the counter, before I held my hands loosely behind my back. I gave my best mischievous smile, with my menacing green eyes. Slowly, I strode in an arc around him, taking each step with precisioned care. I knew what this would lead to, but if I could just put it off... Dear Mother was still home.
"I'm surprised you're here," I purred, getting closer to the intruder. "You were always so subtle... Everything always a riddle."
Caelan kept his black eyes on each movement I made. Scrutinizing every word, every step.
"Things have changed," he said. His voice was a block of ice, and I felt the shock as it cut through me. A shiver ran gleefully down my spine, but I merely bowed my head to him, my eyes still alert.
"Of course," I replied, "I would be a fool to think they hadn't." I meant to say the words light-hearted, but I realised how serious they sounded. Something was different about Caelan, but I couldn't quite place what it was...
"Fool's surround us. But you, Lunar, are not one of them." His eyes watched me again, like a predator. I restrained myself from not crouching down and curling a finger at him.
Instead, I whispered, "That's what I just said."
"Alex? What's taking so long?" My Mother's voice called from the dining room, where she innocently sat shuffling cards, whilst watching Midsummer Murders. Ironic.
I opened my mouth to respond, when I noticed a flash through Caelan's eyes. At that moment, I realised what was different about him; he'd fed recently.
   I didn't know what to do, which, being myself, didn't happen a lot.
   "Just washing up!" I called back, watching Caelan intensely.
   "Such a good girl..." I heard my mother say, then I heard her flick up the volume on the TV. I hopped onto the counter, twisting the tap on. Water rushed down the spout, and into the sink, with little whirlwinds and circular movements.
   "Such a good girl..." Caelan mimicked, with a sly smile. I started to prepare myself, disguising my movements with speech.
   "You have no idea," I murmured, knowing Caelan could clearly hear. "So, why exactly are you here?" I tucked my long hair behind my ears, while my legs swung freely.
   Caelan took a step closer to me, and leaned in. "I think you know perfectly why I'm here," he whispered.
   Goosebumps rose along my neck, and a hiss came from my mouth. "Never."
   "Very well," Caelan sighed. I sensed what he was going to do, so I bounced off the counter, landing in a crouch. His teeth were always slower than his thought process. I slammed my fist into Caelan's jaw, but he never swayed an inch.
   "Damn you," I mumbled, before lunging for the kitchen knife. I gripped it loosely with one hand. Not the best weapon, but... Better than none at all. Now, where did I keep my holy water...? Caelan's eyes gleamed in the sun. This was all a game to him. He wouldn't even have to try to win. But I needed Mother to be safe...
   "Outside," I snarled. A fleck of uncertainty crossed Caelan's eyes. What he needed was here, in this house. But he wouldn't get it. He'd have to kill me first. The problem was: He would. And will.
   I strode outside. The clouds suddenly covered the sun, trapping it in their hazy clutches. I twirled around, pleased to see Caelan had followed me outside. I curtsied, before sprinting down a bank. I glanced behind me, smiling at Caelan's confused expression. To the right, I saw what I was looking for; the well. Full of holy water. I lifted the bucket and dunked it in the endless pit. I heard the splash of water, and reeled in the bucket. Caelan would be going in the house if he thought I'd just ran away. If he thought that, he didn't know me very well. Finally, the bucket resurfaced, and I unattached the bucket from the chains.
  And then I felt his breath on my neck. Out of shock, I elbowed him in the stomach. Springing off the ground, I back flipped so I was behind him. I couldn't waste the water. I sprinkled some lightly over a layer of his skin. I jumped out the way, just as his head soared back and he roared in pain. He recovered quickly, however, and leaped off the ground. His skin was blistered, but would heal soon enough. I clicked my fingers, summoning a flame to my hand. I threw it at Caelan, and he "stopped, dropped and rolled," as they would say. I took a seat on a deck chair, where I had so many innocent childhood moments. I sipped on a lemonade I made earlier, which now tasted quite stale. I always was better at performing outside. Slowly, Caelan rose from the ground, his clothes looking as dead as the put-out flames.
  I rose my eyebrows and with a smile, I said, "Better?"
  Caelan snarled in response. I stood from my chair, and said, "Now, now, Caelan. Calm down. It's nothing personal, is it?" Another snarl. I sighed, but what should you expect from vampires?
  I lifted my hands, and snapped my palms. The air rippling, Caelan flew backwards. He lay there a second before rising again. What was wrong with him? There was no fight in him at all. As he came at me, lightening fast, I raised my boot, and... SMACK! It hit Caelan's face. Again he fell backwards. Something was wrong. It was just too easy. Mother would be waiting... Mother! Of course! How could I be so stupid?
   I sprinted back up to the house, wide-eyed as I saw the front door off its hinges. Carefully, I picked up my precious sword I'd left behind when I fought Caelan. He was merely a distraction. While someone else came for...
   I entered the front room. Mother had gone, the television split in two, cards scattered around the room. A disturbance in the air was brought to my attention. From the corner of my eye, I saw a hooded figure leave the room. Fury burning in my soul, I followed whatever-it-was out. The figure disappeared, but I was not fooled. I closed my eyes, and disappeared into the night. Leaving the wind to cover my sorrows.