Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pretty Flower...

So... I was reading a book. As usual. But one of the characters was obsessed with finding a pure black rose. So I googled it. As usual. And I found a black and white photograph of a rose. It was so pretty... I had to draw it. The petals are out of proportion, but I figured I might as well share it. Although its quite hard to see. So here it is:

Tilt your head right for it to be the right way... (I don't know how to put it the right!)


  1. Beautiful Lunar! I'm amazed at your extrodinary talent!
    WOW! Thanks for sharing such a lovely rose! I LOVE flowers. I can almost smell the scent!

  2. so cool! i love roses because they're so delicate, but they have god-awful thorns all over the stem. just another example of don't take anything at face value

  3. Woah, heaps good! Great work, i like the petals, actually.

    More of your fanfic please?

  4. ooooooooooooooooh!

    i kinda like how it's not perfect!

    And i LOVE roses!

    especially RED ones!

    and black 1s......


  5. Amazing Lunar. I've tried to draw roses before and they were complete fails. This is awesome.

  6. *flying monkeys swoop in a carry lunar away*

  7. Hey Lunar, it's been a while since you posted. Can you please do another post, just to let us all know how you are?