Monday, 2 May 2011

Kil Me. Kill Me Now.

I am crying inside right now. I had the first part of a fanfic to show you, that I have been working on all week, and as I'm finally ready to post it , it deletes. And I can't get it back.

Kill me. Kill me now.

AND I have to go back to school tomorrow. This day just gets worse. And it has barely begun.


Anyway, I hate an all-bad post, so enjoy this picture:

Oh, I can't post pictures on my iPod. Well that sucks.


  1. Aww poor Lunar :(
    I hope the day gets better for you.

  2. how'd it delete? i think i did that once...but i either found it in the recycle bin or (cause its the newer version of word) it had autosave. would it be anywhere like that?

  3. oh Lunar!

    *hugs her*

    Happy days are ahead...I'm SURE of it!


  4. Aww! Cheer up Lunar! *Hugs Lunar* Happy skies.

    *coughs* And for me a chest infection. Aww.

    *hands Lunar chocolate* Here, feel better soon ok?

    *sighs* I'm off to watch some Sherlock. Might make me feel better.

  5. Damn it!

    But i know just the way to cheer you up. Go on to youtube and type in 'A Very Potter Musical'. Click on the first video, get sucked into the awesomeness vortex that it creates, and then click the next one...

    ...and the next one... and the next one...and then, after all of those videos... click the NEXT ONE. :D Trust me, it's epic.

    A good idea is to copy+paste it into an email and send it back to you, just in case. That's what i do with my stories, so i have a copy on my USB, my computer, my ipod, and then finally there is a copy on Hotmail as well.

    Hope you feel better!