Sunday, 31 July 2011

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

Being the consistant reader that I am, I have read a lot of books. In the past year or so, most of these books have been a similar genre. The dark, Gothic romance genre. Finding Sky, written by Joss Stirling, was one of my most recent and unusual finds. Walking through the shelves of my local Waterstones, I discovered the book nestled in between other books which I failed to buy, sadly. One of the factors that attracted me to Finding Sky was the cover of the book. Now, I know that I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and I didn't! Turning over to find the blurb, I realized it was exactly what I liked in these books: a romance more dangerous than anyone can imagine. So after I walked out of the shop, Waterstones bag in hand, I got started reading straight away. And couldn't stop.
   It took every ounce of willpower I had to pull away from the book just to eat and drink. Thankfully, I was reading in the summer holidays, so sleeping wasn't in the planning book for six weeks. The author and storyline had me gripped to the book-- it was like the main character, Sky Bright, five foot and one debatable inch of conflict and confusion, had reached out and held me by the throat, never letting me leave the story unfinished for more than an hour. The other characters had me in fits of emotion, too. Once again, a book that had me laughing so hard my parents worried for my mental health. Seriously. This book has a bad boy that you don't forget. Troubled, mysterious, arrogant but underneath it all, secretly sweet and gentle. That, and the fact that he has six brothers, each of whom are hoping for their true love, their literal Other Half, their Soulfinder.
   I'm trying desperately not to give much away, but it's so hard! Sky is a London girl, recently moved to Colorado, America. Joss Stirling, fantastic author of this book, visited some of the destinations in which this book is set. So I'm guessing some of the reactions to English Sky come from her own experiences. That's what I'm guessing, in any case. At one point, Sky is told to "stop being so damn British about it!" I found this hilarious, for some reason.
   Sky has a gap in her memory from what happened until she was six. All that she knows is that it was a tragic time for her. Sally and Simon, her adoption parents, move to the town of Wrickenridge, a ski-crazy part of Colorado, where she so happens to meet Zed. God-like creature? Wolfman? Soulfinder? Some traumatic things take place around Sky, not least having her mind completely messed up, all because of a secret she all but forgot. She's a savant. I'll leave it up to you to work out what this means for her. (Hint: Google).
   After I had finished Finding Sky, and its sneak preview of Stealing Phoenix, I rushed to the internet for more information. Stealing Phoenix will be about one of Zed's brothers', Yves Benedict, and his story of his Soulfinder. Yves is one of my favourite brothers, next to Xavier, and he is also a favourite of one of Sky's friends, Zoe. I wonder what her reaction will be when Yves introduces her to his Soulfinder... Also on the internet, I found a competition for an early proof version of Stealing Phoenix, so I decided to enter... This is my entry. The competition asks for a review of Finding Sky, and the best three wins! I have my fingers crossed, but I know there will be amazing reviewers out there, so I won't get overexcited. Stealing Phoenix is published in September, which is just over two months away! Personally, I can't wait, and apparently neither can the many other fans that have commented on Joss's website.
   Whatever happens, I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Sky, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, thrilling, romantic read. I give this book five stars, mainly because it is not like the other books in this genre, although I have to admit it fits into more genre than one. Here is the part of the review where I tell you to replace popular books like Twilight or the House of Night series with this book, like I have seen done by famous reviewers. But with a book like Finding Sky... You just can't compare it with those books; it's too unique.

- Emma, aka Lunar Tears

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