Saturday, 2 April 2011


Hi! So this is a new post letting you know how I am! I tried to post a few days ago, but literally, my finger was less than a centimetre from the "Publish Post" button, when my iPod died.

FOR ONE THING: I've had writers block. That's why I haven't posted any fanfic. Even though I think I'm over it now, the next part is extremely short. In which case, I have decided to extend the short parts with something I like to call "The Lost Chapters". These chapters have Hellboy as the main character, and is basically a duel storyline. The first Lost Chapter is kinda predictable, and unimaginative, but they'll get better... Yeah... I'm pretty sure of that...

AND ANOTHER THING: I was at a sleepover last night. Sleepovers with my friends? Never a good idea. One of my friends (that recently moved to North Yorkshire) said that at night, she's been writing Latin words in her sleep. This proved to be true, when she started randomly writing words with her fingers. Then we gave her a pen. The first ENGLISH word she wrote was 'regret', followed by 'sorry'. Then, translated from Latin to English, she wrote, "full moon", "I'm sorry" and "soul stealer". After that, one of my other friends started talking to her in her dreams. This did not help the eerie feel of the night, when she said, "On April 18th, the Soul Stealer will rise."

ANYWAY, what are people's favourite films? I'm interested :)


  1. Pirates of the Carribean!
    All three of them!
    *whistles movie theme*

  2. ...thats...thats really...creepy...

  3. *sneaks up on the soul stealer and tickles it, then decorated it with a neon yellow marker*


    Oh Lunar!

    New fanfic. You are in it. :P

  4. O_O oh crap... It's April NOW...

    That's really creepy, Lunar. Were they faking it?

    Btw, thankyou for writing The Lost Chapters, they sound awesome and I can't wait for the first one!

  5. 0.0

    woah...vat's freaky.....

    *runs away*

    oh! and i'd hav 2 b uh.......


    wen SP comes out, that'll b it!


  6. Um guys... The soul stealer's rising in 8 days...