Wednesday, 9 February 2011

5 Love Poems With No Titles

I'm writing a love poem each day until February 14th. Just to improve how I write love poems (which is pretty poor). Anyway, here's the first:

Look into your eyes,
Though they are now closed,
Look into your soul,
Although it is locked away.

Kiss your gentle lips,
Though they're set into a frown,
Cuddle your smooth body,
Though it's curled into a ball.

Stroke your porcelain skin,
Though you turn your head,
Stroke your silky hair,
Though you take it back.

Live on your company,
Though you cut off my supplies,
Die for you each time,
And you bring me back to life.

I love you,
I do.
I cannot describe in words,
However much I try.

So starve me,
My dear,
Cut through my skin,
And let the blood run.

Know my heart beats,
But only for you,
Know I survive,
But only for you.

I have knowledge,
My dear,
That you love me too,
For eternity.

Deny it.
I expect it all.
For I know you too well.

Open your heart,
My dear,
Find my home,
My heaven.

In time,
You will see,
How our future,
Is set.

'Tis written.


  1. OOOOOOooooooOOOOOhhhh!!!!
    AMAZING! Very beautiful and meaningful poetry Lunar. I just marval over the talent that you and Octa display!

    Thanks for sharing another one of youe awesome poems. :D

  2. aww! lovely lunar!
    its so a dark,meaningful slightly violent way ;)

    i think its a great idea to write a poem every day before valentines day! ;)