Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I followed unwillingly across the sands. I wanted to run. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to do lots of these things, yet I was trapped. Trailing after this beast, that no one could call human. I held back the tears that threatened to escape from the corners of my eyes. Making him know I was deeply afraid I did not want to do. I looked around, trying to get used to my surroundings, and think of a way to escape. It was impossible; he was controlling me and I didn't know how. I grasped tightly to logical explanations and sanity, but there were no logical explanations. And I've never claimed to be sane. But the world was falling apart as I stood and watched...
I stopped looking around once I saw there was nothing to see. My feet were no more interesting either. Until I realised we were walking uphill. Glancing up, I saw we were heading towards a cliff. I looked west, and I saw where I had once been sitting. The rocks here were hard, and small stones pressed into my feet. I limped along, unable even to stop to rub the stones off. Threw my blurry vision, the waves looked a sickly grey from up here. There was the slightest vegetation, that pushed back away from us. My legs grew tired, and my mind grew weak. My scheming came to a sudden end. I wondered what he was going to do...
I didn't imagine this would end pleasantly. "First impressions are lasting impressions," they say. And if that's true, then I will always think this is a creepy, theatrical, sadistic man. I couldn't imagine that this man wanted to 'talk' or 'walk.' What I did imagine, however, I wished I never. I covered my eyes, helplessly, trying to block images that ran through my mind. Each image soon being pushed out by another. What would happen to me? Tension was growing, and I was breaking with it.
He lead me to a log. He sat down, and patted the space next to him. I grimaced, but obeyed. My legs ached from hiking up the cliff. I sat on the edge of the log, the furthest away I could be. The log was damp, but firm. I looked over at the sky, now a fade red. It was such a beautiful sky, that did not fit in with this scene. I closed my eyes and let my head drop back, wondering what on earth I had gotten into.
"You are young," Rupun said.
I peeked through my closed eyelids at his face. What was that supposed to mean?
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"You would have so much life ahead of you, a future with so much potential." I shuddered at the word would.
My voice shook as I spoke, betraying the confused shattered pieces inside me, "Wha- What do you want?"
His head rose a little as he laughed again. He continued to laugh for several minutes, leaving me even more confused and disgusted. Eventually, he spoke. With a mouth full of venom, as usual.
"I want a lot of things," he smiled a dangerous smile, "but most of all, I want power." He said power with an obvious and intense sense of desire. A shiver tickled down my spine.
"And how do you plan to get... Power?" I found myself asking. I twiddled my thumbs waiting. He peered at me, then slowly said,
"I kill."
I froze. My body went rigid, while my heart pounded louder than ever. My breathing went jagged. Automatically, I stood up. It was too much, too much... A beat in my ears started paying, in tune with my heart. Images flashed through my mind again. I had my head down, but slyly looked at the distance to the cliff. If I covered my ears, and ran really fast... I could make it. I would make it.
"Do you want to sit back down?" He asked; giving me a choice.
"No," I replied, positive.
"I suggest you do..." When I gave no response, he continued, "I kill for my power. That's what my magic relies on, my source."
His words sunk in, and they shocked me, though I don't know why. "Magic?"
He analysed me again. "Oh, come on... You know magic exists. There's the shine in your eyes," he leaned forward, "You believe."
I bit my bottom lip, as I realised this was true. I did. Magic existed. I could feel it. But what good was it now? Rupun was surely going to murder me. Unless I could escape... Covering my ears would slow me down. But if I sang really, really loud... But first, Rupun needed to be distracted so I could get away.
"So... You're source..." I swallowed, not really wanting to know the answer to the question I was about to ask. "How do you kill?"
He threw a smile in my direction, then looked to the right. "Many different ways... But always you- HEY!"
I ran, singing like there was no tomorrow. Not the best murderer, I thought. I didn't look back. Didn't glimpse behind me. The cliff stooped at my feet.

And without pausing, I leaped into the air.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! Love it. Great writing style. Very descriptive.

  2. WOWoWOW!!!! FANTASTIC Lunar! Beautiful writing. EPIC!!!!
    Must fing out what happens! Thanks for the awesome story!

  3. Awesome Freakin' sauce. (...incarnate...)

    Literally a CLIFFhanger ending! LOL!

    Can't wait for the next part!

    Btw, am i allowed to be in it? Or at least my character;s manor, where heaps of magical beings live? I don't have to be. But it would be cool...

    (the house)

    (my O.C)