Monday, 14 February 2011

The Other Four Poems For Valentines Day

Here's the other five poems for Valentines! Enjoy, but beware of some essence of cheese ;)

Love is like chocolate,
Addictive and tasty.

Love is like an angel,
Beautiful and pure.

Love is like glass,
Fragile and splendid.

Love is like oil,
Craved for and rare.

But chocolate melts,
The angel sins,
The glass breaks,
The oil burns...

Love surprises you,
Not always good,
But for all the bad,
The best is worth it.

The night is wasted,
I cannot see you.
See the face I fell in love with,
Many a time ago.

You hide from me,
Do I frighten you?
Do tell, oh Sweet,
Your voice no longer lingers.

You do not care for me?
Anymore, dear.
But I beg to differ,
Lonely light.

Do you still dream of me?
I bet you do.
You cannot keep secrets,
In this town.

My eyes were burned,
When I saw that look.
But underneath everything,
I see the candor.

Wise words,
Whispered through the trees.
I heard somewhere before,
In a forgotten memory.

Nothing else matters,
When it comes to the truth.
Everything pales,
Becomes distant.

It will shine on you,
The truth.
You love me,
You always have.

And you hate,
That after all this,
You still feel the same,
Every breath, every love.

I see you sleeping,
My darling.
While the moon wishes,
It was in my place,
To watch you.

Your body is next to me,
Under the covers,
Lies a treasure,
That belongs only to me.

Closed eyes,
Open thoughts.
I read your mind,
And see you dream,
Of nothing but me.

Oh darling,
I dream of you too.
Dream we were alone,

It is forbidden,
I am yours,
We belong.

They can hunt us,
Track us.
They will drag us,
But we will never forfeit.

This moment,
Could be all we have.
I shall cherish,
Every minute,
With you.

No matter what happens,
My darling.
Know life,
Know love,
Know me.

I sent you a rose,
To reflect my devotion.

I sent you two doves,
To show my new found peace.

I sent you a ring,
To show my commitment.

I sent you the necklace,
To show my gestures.

I sent you my heart...
Because you're my Valentine.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Look at my heart,
It's only for you.

Have everything I own,
Just so you can see,
How much I love you.

I'll rip everything down,
Strip it all bare,
So you will love me.

Though we have been apart,
I think of you every minute,
And every second in between.

The last one is short, I know. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


  1. WOw. I think all the poems are so tender and beautiful. The last one may be short but it is wonderful. :D
    All are lovely poems Lunar. Thank youfor posting them. I really enjoy reading them.