Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The beach sand was a peachy yellow, as it stuck to my feet. The wind whipped my hair in different directions, while the sun broke through the  imprisoning clouds. It made my pale skin glow slightly, before the clouds blocked the sun again. I sat on one of the deserted craggy rocks and took in one salty breath after another. The sea was incredibly blue today, and collided against the cliffs opposite. The memories of past times enveloped me. Of running away from a younger brother, of building sandcastles that crumpled easily, of laughing as I was thrown into the deep ocean waves... Of times when I was carefree, happy, on such a peaceful beach.
   I reached a faint hand to my forehead as a headache suddenly passed over me. It was so fierce and strong, I collapsed to the ground. I moaned, as a shadow passed over my body. It stood there still, as this pain that was too brutal to be called a 'headache' had me writhing in pain.
   I heard the shadow's deep commanding voice, as it said, "Alexandra, stand up."
Before I knew it, my legs were lifting me up, and the pain was fading. I had my eyes on the ground so it said, "Look at me, Alexandra."
   My eyes reluctantly narrowed on his face. He had crinkly skin, especially around his flat grey eyes. His mouth was set in a frown, which made him looked older than he probably was-- which was probably quite young. His greasy blond hair slid back behind his ears, and glinted in the sun as he cocked his head. I grimaced, and attempted to look away-- But couldn't. My eyes were stuck repeating the same patterns of sight. The man sighed, and slowly held his arm out.
   "Alex, my name is Rupin. I want to take a walk with you. What do you say?" A shine lightened his eyes as he spoke, which made me feel slightly sick.
   My parents always told me never to talk to strangers. But even if I ignored such advice, I would never 'take a walk' with this man.
I opened my mouth as if I was going to reasonably answer, but then opened it even wider and let out a deafening screech. He covered his ears, which I took to advantage and sprinted away. I leaped over some stray rocks before I heard his demanding voice again, "STOP!"
   Again, I couldn't disobey. I gave a little grunt of frustration as my legs slowed to a stop. His cold hands curled around my arm and pulled me back.
   I felt his breath on my neck when he whispered, "Now, now, Alexandra. Calm down. There's nothing to be afraid of," He said this before a bellowing laugh escaped from his lips. I cringed away from him, and my plan evaporated again as he said, "And don't scream."
   I shuddered, as he dragged me across the stretch of the beach, away from any sign of civilisation.


  1. Epic scary man is epicly scary :P

    Post more :D

  2. Ooooohhhh.
    1 of 2 things will happen now (i think)
    1: me, kallista, and the others will save u!
    2. You will unlock your epic powers and beat this guy!

    Either way it shall be epic!!!

    Awsome story, lunar! I love my pathological liar-ness!