Monday, 10 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Prologue

Here's the prologue for my fanfic. Totally unprepared, totally unplanned, and this part was totally inspired by a book I didn't actually like. Fingers crossed.


I was the type of girl that had everything she needed. I was the type of girl that had everything she wanted, too, with some minor exceptions. Having this, I was the type of girl who got called 'lucky' but never really 'spoilt.' No matter what the truth was. However, I was the type of girl that never really fit in.

And when you're from a small village, where everybody knows everybody, where there's no secrets, nowhere to hide, this is not a good thing. My big dreams didn't fit in that small town.

So when you're confused. When you don't know what to do. When you need vital answers.  When you're walking past that church in the cold, winter, night, there's only one place to turn to. Yes. The World Wide Web. And yes, Jason, thank you for that line.

But wherever I turned, I couldn't find my answers.And when you can't get over it, you can't get around it, don't they say 'get under it'? And when you go under, don't you go down?

That's why I jumped.


  1. *jaw drops to floor*
    AMAZING! Awesome beginning Lunar! But you MUST POST MORE!!! Don't leave my hanging! :o
    Very good writing!

  2. 0o
    That's pretty cool.
    Guess it'll need some time until I forget that line:That's why I jumped.