Sunday, 9 January 2011

Most Annoying People of 2010

OK, after a message from an old friend, I researched some Most Annoying People of 2010 lists. Some, I disagreed with. Some, I didn't know who half the people were. And some, had characters from books. So, I decided I needed to do a tribute to 2010. As a result, my list of Top Ten Most Annoying People of 2010 follows.

1. Justin Bieber.
Hello? He's a fifteen year old with a squeaky voice and big head. And when you have a big head, bad hair follows. Sorry, Justin, but you sing about the world as if you know everything about it. And you don't.

2. Taylor Launtner.
I don't really know how to spell his name. And I'm the only girl in a 10 mile radius that doesn't. I'm sick of hearing his name, and seeing his face -- and his six pack. These, you get in lots of celebrities, however, in Twilight movies, how many times does one need to take his top off?

3. Cheryl Cole.
Now, 2010 brought Cheryl a divorce. And I do sympathise. But it's not like she didn't have another man waiting. And remember on X-Factor when she said she hadn't heard Rocketman by Elton John before? She's a music "idol," yet she needs to research other songs than her own.

4. Tiger Woods.
Well, you know, the stuff with his wife. I had to watch back-to-back reports on his social life.

5. Wagner.
What can I say? I had to hear you sing. Torture.

6. Jedward.
I know they're two people, but how can I tell one from the other? Annoying Nintendo adverts. Don't mess with Jedward!

7. Sandra Bullock.
I'm sorry, Sandra. You are an amazing actress. But I can't stand to see amazing actresses in really bad films. And I just watched two in the last month of 2010. They get you number seven on the list.

8. Rihanna.
I used to like Rihanna. But recently, I don't. After Rude Boy and that song with Eminem, turn the radio off when you come on.

9. Lenny Henry.
Bad jokes.

10. Davina McCall.
How many shows can one person present at one time?

Comment on your opinions.

My Most Annoying People of 2010!


  1. Lol Lunar. I would take of Wagner and put in Myle Cyrus in there instead. Wagner is just pure awesomeness.

  2. *breaths a sigh of relief*

    Oh! Thank goodness I'm not on the list. :P

    LOL Lunar. I agree with you about Justin Bieber. I think the same applys for Miley Cyrus.