Monday, 24 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Thor? Kallista?" He spoke again, his voice booming. Then, as if suddenly realising I was there, he added, "Who's that?"
His voice was too loud... Everything was too loud... The wind, the people, the memories... I just needed to get out... I needed for everything to be quiet, so I could figure out what was going on...
"Sssshhhhh!" I said to him, scrambling to my feet off the pavement.
Thor chuckled again. "She does say that a lot."
"Only twice," Kallista defended me.
"And who is she?" The man asked. So... He must be Dragona, then. The one they didn't want to see them here...
"We don't exactly know..." Kallista slowly said.
"Then what... Oh, no," Dragona's face turned into one of regret. "You did it again, didn't you?" He addressed Thor.
"No," Thor lied.
"Then that means yes, doesn't it?"
"Not really."
Was this an argument? Maybe I could take this as a diversion while I snuck away...
I slowly took a step back, careful where my feet were put. I tip-toed away slowly, inching backwards as they started arguing in a language I didn't understand...
"Hey!" Dragona shouted, as he noticed me creeping away.
I froze for a second, but then my instincts made me start to sprint. I ran through the hedges that separated this street from the back street that led to the farm. I sprinted down the street, listening intently for the clatter of heels that made me know they were following me. However, it never came. Maybe it didn't matter to them that I'd witnessed them set fire to the street... But... They didn't set fire to the street... Thor... He sent a lightning bolt at the car... But, that's impossible...
Through my thoughts, I'd slowed down. I was barely jogging now. I realised this, just as a tap on my shoulder made me wheel around. All three were there, but none had made a sound. Dragona was the one who had tapped me, his long arm now pulling back. It paused on the way back to his side. It started coming towards me again, directing itself to behind my ear. Two fingers were outstretched, and he was starting to press them against my flesh. I flinched from his touch.
I just want to go home. It's only two streets away. I just want to go home. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. I closed my eyes. A wave of dizziness hit me. I felt sick, and a rush of wind carried away any sound. There was a popping sound, and I opened my eyes, as my knees gave in and I tumbled to the ground. I was home. But how? I was in the bathroom, in front of the toilet and sink. The cream tiles and soapy smell where somehow comforting to me.
I kneeled over the toilet. Questions later. I was about to be sick.

OK, I think this is a short chapter, but Chapter 4 will be up soon.


  1. AWESOME STORY LUNAR! It's a bit short but completely awesome in every way possible.

    ""Then what... Oh, no," Dragona's face turned into one of regret. "You did it again, didn't you?" He addressed Thor.
    "No," Thor lied.
    "Then that means yes, doesn't it?"
    "Not really.""


  2. JUST AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! I just love how you have written this story. It's wonderful! I wanna hug the story Lunar! She will probably punch me too! :P

    And yeah! I love that bit with Thor lying! LOL
    Keep it coming Lunar! XDDDD
    Thanks for posting!

  3. The Mighty Thor is pleased.
    Ahhh i freaking love this!
    Dragona and I had great dialouge.
    SO GOOD!
    And so many questions....
    Chapter 4 pleaaaase!

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