Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lunar's Tears: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I walked to school with my head down. I kept my eyes to the ground, and generally avoided people. My eyes were so focused on my feet, and my mind so lost in outrageous thoughts, that I hadn't realised someone was having a conversation with me until they tapped me on the shoulder.
"Hello? Is anyone in there? Did you even hear about the Dylan-Lisa situation..."
Oh, it was only a Blabber. No one I actually wanted to listen to. But then, I didn't want to listen to anyone. I started walking faster, hoping the Blabber would take a hint and blab to some other moronic girl who possibly cared. I was not in the mood. But again, I was never in the mood for those conversations. Oh, maybe that's why no one likes me...
But those young, normal, teenage thoughts no longer haunted my mind. I was preoccupied by last night's dream. It was insane to think that people could invade your dreams... But something told me you could... And then, what was that about magic? Could it be possible I really had magic? Or that magic even exists? Tom would be at school today. However, he would probably be the same lifeless, dull person he always was at school... Not like in the dream... Why did everything have to be so complicated? My eyes noticed the pattern of the school entrance, which meant I was nearly there. I cautiously glanced up, to see if I was about to bump into a lamppost or sign, saying something obvious like 'Do Not Smoke Here.'
       A teacher crept up on me and sang in their annoying whiny voices, 
"Where are you going?"
I looked around. Lots of people were walking in the same direction, so I wasn't late or going the wrong way. I hated it when they said that. I was tempted to say, "Where do you think I'm going?" but decided against it. Instead, I settled for, 
"To school."
The teacher's eyes narrowed like I'd offended her and her wrinkly lips pursed. Her high voice got colder and her flat black eyes scrutinized my face as she said, "You can't go that way."
I looked around in confusion at the other one-hundred people walking in that direction. "I don't understand."
She pointed to my stripy yellow and green tie, and then at red and green ties of the other people. "Year 7's this way. You need to go that way." She turned to point at some dust covered gates at the other side of the school.
"But that's going to take too long to walk!" I said. Which wasn't necessarily true, but I was too tired.
        "Tough," The old crone snarled.
This time, I didn't resist the glare. I just glared. She glared back. Eventually, she looked away, at her watch. "You'd better hurry," she taunted, "Wouldn't want to be late."
I turned my back on her and continued in the direction I was going in before the old crone interrupted.
"Hey! You can't go that way!" She called at me. There was a distinct clip-clop of high heels, and her bony fingers were on my arm. "Go that way! Now!" I was about to deny her again, when another voice came from behind me.
"What's happening, Miss?" A student. Probably Year 7 by the attitude and 'location'.
"Nothing, Tom, keep walking," the teacher snapped. I froze for a second, thinking Tom...?
I glanced behind me, and there he was. Tom. With dark circles under my eyes similar to my own. Releasing my arms from her grip, I began to run to where she'd pointed before. I felt stupid for running from the Year 7, not the teacher, but there was something deeply unsettling about him. 
And it wasn't that his eyes stayed on me as I sprinted all the way around school.

My mind had been lost in thought all morning. I couldn't-- and didn't try to-- pay any attention to the teachers. I was clumsy all the time; tripping myself and other people over, knocking into walls, eating wrappers... Not a normal day. Not that I have normal days, though. It was lunchtime, and the regular slime was being served. So I got out my trusty lunch-box from my bag, and sat down at a table. I started thinking what I'd been thinking about all morning, which was just one topic and I never came to any conclusion. Magic.
"Can I sit here?" A voice asked. It seemed familiar to me, but I just cleared my things and said,
I felt his eyes on me as I ate. He never ate anything himself, just seemed to be watching me. This made me self-conscious. I slowly looked up to the boy, then my breath caught in my throat and came out as a heavy sigh.
"Hello," I said coldly.
"Hi!" He said, oblivious to my mood. I looked back out of the windows, whilst picking up my things for I was finished. I spotted Jason ahead, and began to walk towards him, when Tom said, "Alex, I need to talk to you." I paused, his voice took a mature, serious edge. I wanted to sit down and see what he knew, however it reminded me of the way he looked in last night's dream. I shuddered. Hesitantly, I began walking towards Jason again.
"Alex!" Tom called after me.
"Jason!" I shouted instead of turning back to him. Before I was completely out of earshot, I heard him mutter something like, "Can't talk to teenagers these days," but I couldn't be sure.


  1. WoW! Excellent work Lunar! Very unique view point from the main character. I love her brushes with magic and the other oc's. I can't wait to read more! XDDDD
    Bravo! Thanks for posting!

  2. I am hooked to this story! Never stop writing! :D

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